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Digital organizational disruption

Organizational #visions are impacted by the #disruptive forces of pervasive #digital challenges and change. Increasingly they need revisions, upgrades, new directions. This is all because digital challenges unavoidably affect any level of management #decisionmaking . #Volvo represents an interesting case study on the subject matter. #innovation #Fasttrackbook

A very interesting article on the topic.

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Managing people ‘as if’ …

Are #people in companies considered and managed as an #asset ? Assets that can and need to express the best of their #potentials and #talents . Money and physical infrastructure are considered by default organizational assets; often people are hired and managed without following the same kind of logic and even respect.

This article illustrates an interesting perspective on the topic …

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Is Tesla’s bubble ready to burst?

It comes to no surprise that the #tesla #businessmodel begins to revive some sound questioning; after many creative ideas (some materialized into innovations, some still wacky) and too much outlandish PR boosting, now it needs to be reached the next step of concrete sound industrial development.

It could represent a sound turning point for the better, yet there are more doubts than certainties on this…

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Artificial intelligence, big data and people: basis of economic and social progress?

#bigdata #artificialintelligence #automation ; they all represent processes set to have a marked impact on business development, organizational as well as socio-economic level.

Various technological and mindset forces are integrating in synergy. Hopefully this will generate progress that is not only relevant to increase productivity and efficiency in manufacturing by delivering product and services; actual social progress for the betterment of the human condition needs to be part of this as well.

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